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The 5.56×45mm NATO is a rimless bottlenecked intermediate cartridge family developed in the late 1970s in Using a ballistic calculator, they determined that a 55-grain bullet would have to be fired at 3,300 Wound profiles in ballistic gelatin Note: images are not to same scale. M16 M193 5.56×45mm.MPN: 5.56 NATO 55GR FMJ 1000RD BULK. SKU: CH-FAXM193BK. Availability: This item is on order with the manufacturer Click here if you want to be notified as soon as we get this product in stock again. Get the best in quality with Federal XM193 NATO Ammunition - 5.56mm 55gr FMJ - 1000/ct.

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[AMMO] 1000RDS Speer Gold Dot 40 S&W 180 Gr Hollow point LE Trade in 30.3 CPR $303 SHIPPED code "SAVE10NOW" ADD TO CART FOR PRICE! Ok, this might be the best ammo deal and price per round I have seen for 5.56. I was going to hold out for black friday or cyber monday deals to start...
5.56 Bulk Ammo found in: Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger Speedloader 50/rd, PPU M193 Rifle Ammunition 5.56mm 55 gr FMJ 3240 fps 1000/ct, Federal Lake City XM855 Green Tip Ammunition 5.56mm 62 gr FMJ 3020 fps - 12,500/ct, Federal NATO 5.. Federal American Eagle 5.56mm NATO Ammo 55 Grain FMJ 1000 Rounds - $379.99 Description 5.56x45mm NATO. 55 Grain. Full Metal Jacket. Muzzle Velocity 3240 FPS. Muzzle Energy 1282 lbs. Brass Casing. Re-loadable. Target Practice Use. 1000 Rounds. Made in the USA. Specs Ammo

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IMI 55 Gr 5.56mm M193 Ball FMJ - 990 Rounds Total - 33 boxes of 30 rounds New Production Brass Cased NATO ammo made in Israel. Cash Sale only, must provide a North Dakota Driver's License and be
Federal XM193BK XM 5.56 NATO FMJ Boat Tail 55 GR 1000Box. This special 5.56mm ammo, manufactured at the Lake City Arsenal, has a 55-grain boat-tail bullet with lead core and Lake City or Federal brass - all designed for super accuracy in extreme conditions. This is first quality, new production ammo sold in bulk as a 1000 count bag in a box. Oct 30, 2020 · M193 cartridges are loaded with a 55gr Full Metal Jacket Boat-tail projectile, while the M855 cartridge is a 62gr Steel Penetrator which weighs 62gr. This Lake City M193 ammo is available in this 1000 round pack from Federal Ammunition and is some of the top range ammo made in the USA for the 5.56x45mm platform.

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Top-quality, new-manufactured mil-spec 5.56 x 45mm NATO XM193 FMJ ammo ideal for training & practice. This ammunition was produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant to Federal Cartridge Company specs for 55 grain FMJ boattail bullet - the exact load developed for the original M16 rifle.
The American Eagle Federal 5.56 x 45 FMJBT shoots well in my Sig Sauer 516 Patrol; 16" barrel with 1:7 twist. No misfires, FTF or FTE after at least 200 rounds. Although 55 gr, it is the most accurate of 7 or 8 brands tested so far including other 55 gr and several 62-80 gr. I'll buy more. (Posted on 12/13/2014) I mean Independence Ammo 5.56x45mm NATO 55 Grain M193 Full Metal Jacket Boat 500rds at .49 a round before shipping and you can get Federal Black box for just under .44 a round as many as you want from just Cabelas, I could not understand not buying the cheaper and far superior ammo.

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Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO. By ordering this Ammunition, you certify you are of legal age and satisfy all federal, state and local legal/regulatory requirements to purchase this Ammunition. Please Note: While the 5.56x45mm NATO will fit in a .223 Remington chamber, the 5.56 is a military round...
Federal Ammunition XM193BKX. Suitable for precision practice and an affordable option for the target board. Enter your email address below and we'll notify you when this item becomes available. Item Description : Federal 5.56mm/223 55gr, FMJ Boat-tail, 1000rd/Case Loose.American Eagle 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJBT Ammunition, 1000 Rounds Loose Pack - XM193BK. XM193 product is first run, first quality product manufactured at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant for Federal Cartridge. All XM193 product is the same regardless of the sku or part number. (ie.

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Federal 5.56 NATO 55gr MC-BT XM193 1000rds (50 boxes of 20rds each) Top-quality, new-manufactured mil-spec 5.56 x 45mm NATO XM193 FMJ ammo ideal for training & practice.
Barnes 85gr ... Barnes 85gr The 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge is a .22-caliber rifle cartridge designed for military use in the late 1970s by FN Herstal. If you're shopping for any 5.56 NATO ammo, you're probably going to end up buying Federal American Eagle. X/M193. Grain count: 55 grains. Bullet: Full metal jacket, boat-tail.

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Manufacturer - Federal. Bullet - 55 Grain FMJ M193 (Full Metal Jacket). Casing - New Boxer-Primed Brass. Availability: 1 in stock. If so, the answer is Federal's 5.56x45mm 55gr FMJ-BT. Why is this the near perfect round for your AR? Because it is the original round designed specifically for the M-16.
Winchester 223 55 grain fmj review Texas Children’s is committed to keeping our patients, families, employees and community safe by taking proactive measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. At this time, we are not accepting Federal. Caliber. 5.56mm NATO. Grain. 55 gr. Bullet Type. FMJ-BT. Velocity. 3165 fps. Rounds. 1000. Restrictions. Due to individual municipal or state laws, we may not be able to sell or ship some items to your area.

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Century Arms PMP M193 Ammunition 5.56 Nato 55 Gr 1000 rounds.This Century Arms M193 Ammunition Is Non-Corrosive And Has a Brass Case. It Comes Packaged 50 Round Boxes In a 200 Round Plastic Sleeve And...
Aguila Centerfire Rifle 5.56 NATO Ammunition 50 Rounds 62 Grain FMJ BT 3150fps 1E556110. ... 55 Grain FMJ, 50 Rounds 1E223110 ... 5.56mm NATO 18 items; 5.7x28mm 2 items;

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Federal American Eagle .223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ 1000 Round Box ... Ammunition XM193ML1, 5.56mm NATO, Full Metal Jacket, 55 GR, 3165 FPS, 400 Rd/Can ... 223 Rem FMJ-BT ...
About the MTM Case-Gard Flip-Top Shotshell Case Holds 25 Rds 20 Gauge & 3" Magnums Red ... Federal Lake City Arsenal 5.56mm 55 Gr Metal Clad Boattail Mil-Spec ...